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AWS Open Data Exchange#

Maps for Good Releases#

  • v1.3 (Latest) - Updated with 2023 annual maps

  • v1.2 - Update for annual stability

  • v1.1 - Updated with 2022 annual maps

  • v1.0 - 2017-2021 annual maps - initial release

Query via a STAC service#

Impact Observatory is hosting a STAC service using (PgSTAC) with a STAC catalog and collection of all the map tiles. You can use this end-point to make spatiotemporal queries to find intersecting tiles.

STAC Collection:

Using a STAC Browser#

Radiant Earth's stac-browser utility can be used to filter and locate data in the AWS Open Data Exchange.

Enter for the STAC Catalog. Select the collection. You can browse all of the items.

Example searching for tiles that intersect a spatial extent.

Accessing via S3#

To Create an HTTP download URL#

To convert an Amazon S3 Bucket s3:// reference to supercell tile into an HTTP downloadable link.


  • Open Data Exchange S3 Bucket Name: io-10m-annual-lulc
  • Supercell ID: 11U
  • Time Series ID: 2022 annual

For example: